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// Training in the heat//

Where I live…summer is serious, so I’ve been making sure to get my sports drink in. Training during the week has been shorter than desired sometimes, but I’ve been trying to work hard even if I don’t have much time. My internship isn’t a set-in-stone schedule so I’ve been having to work around it!

// New blog post over at my wordpress blog!//

go on and read it! It’s got a yummy food picture with recipe included!!


37 years ago we lost the greatest runner EVER. No one will have as much heart as Steve. PRE LIVES.


37 years ago we lost the greatest runner EVER. No one will have as much heart as Steve. PRE LIVES.

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// NEW blog//

I’ve decided to create a wordpress blog to chronicle my journey to the Athens Half, SO if you wanna be a cool kid and check it out go to

// Working it out//

SO here is my workouts of the week so far. I won’t be able to really workout on friday or saturday due to a conference, this will be my last day of working out this week AND I’ll be pushing my longish run to sunday. Luckily, sunday I’ll still be 19 weeks out of my half marathon, so I don’t have to worry toooooo much yet!

1. Sunday: I ran 4 miles (28:34)

2. Monday: 30 min NTC body remix in the morning and 40 minute hill workout

3. Tuesday: 5 mile run (36:54)

4. Wednesday: 15 min NTC butt buster & 40 min fartlek workout

5. Thursday (TODAY): planning on a 4-6 mile run & 15min NTC Ab workout

// Spring Semester //

Spring semester got so so so so crazy, so that’s why this blog has been dormant FOREVER. HOWEVER, I finally have time to update my running life. I’ve done a few races since I last updated. I did a few 5Ks where I won some age group awards and I won an overall. I also did an 8 mile race in the cold pouring rain (SO wasn’t ready for that….it was supposed to be heating up by then here) and won overall female. It was a super super small race, but everyone there was so upbeat and friendly despite the crazy weather conditions. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is that I signed up for my first official half marathon…The Athens Half. I couldn’t be more EXCITED and NERVOUS! Luckily I have about 20 weeks until then. On the downside I’m having to make my comeback after a week of vacay. I ran a 5K on the beach everyday except the day at universal where I walked for HOURS. HOWEVER, I also ate like a pig. Sometimes we all need the time to pig out and cheat. Vacation, thanksgiving, and christmas are my big cheating times. So until Thanksgiving, it’s back to business!!

// AGAIN, sorry//

I have run a few races since I last posted. Most notably in Feb I ran another 15K (PR by a minute) and today I PR’d my official 10K by a lot. I say official because I PR’d my 10Ks during my 15Ks. Today I ran 47:51 for my 10K and my best official 10K was 52..something, but during my 15Ks I ran 48..somethings! YAY!

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